Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Write Your Own Business Thank You Quotes To Beat Out The Competition

In this day and age of social media dominance, we have become too accustomed to communicating by text, instant messaging and email. Smart phones, laptops, and ipads have made the trend of digital communication all too easy to follow up or share updates with customers and clients.

With technology we have gained the ability to communicate at the speed of light and yet with the benefit of rapid communication we lost the personal touch. Meaningful sentiment is long gone because digital communication is cheap and drone like. You might think your customer or client places value on the fact that you quickly responded to their request, but your email is just one of hundreds of emails in their inbox. Digital talk is cheap and abundant and very little separates your email from a spam email.

The other problem with an email or instant messaging is the inability to show inflection, tone, and feeling. A paragraph, sentence or single word can be interpreted multiple ways by different people. A simple joke can be mistaken for an insult. When someone opens up their email inbox and see the hundreds of emails, they typically spend just a few minutes scanning, reading and deleting each one. People tend to read an email and read it so fast that the words you use hit them quickly and stir up either good or bad emotions.

If you want to make the greatest impact on your customer or client you need to slow them down and the best way to slow them down is to write them your own business thank you quotes by "snail mail." What are business thank you quotes you ask. It's the old-school method of writing a short quote or message on a thank you card. It shows your customer or client that they are so important that you needed to take the time to mail them a personal card.

Think of the effect it will have on your customer or client when they see a card written in your own hand writing. In this day and age of faceless email and text messaging, your customer or client will get a sense of your personality with your hand written note and the satisfaction of knowing that they are valued in your eyes because you took the time to mail them your business thank you quotes on a professional card.

If your desire is to stand out from the competition and prove you care about your customer or clients and want to build a lasting business relationship, then handwrite your own business thank quotes on a professional card or stationary and watch the positive results in your business relationships.

Today we can also leverage technology to send a snail mail thank you card! Our clients and customers don't know how easy it is. They think we took a lot of time to create a personalized thank you but it was easy! We just used technology to make our job of sending cards easier. This service prints your cards, with your photos, with your personal message, and they even mail them for you. They stuff the envelope, lick the stamp, and mail them for you!

You can even setup a whole series of cards to go out. Your clients will be amazed and think you're spending a lot of time on them.

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